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Rise in Cosmetic Surgery laughs in the face of the credit crunch


The Harley Medical Group have stated that the demand for Cosmetic Surgery is continuing even with most Britons struggling to make ends meet. The demand has been so rife that The Harley Medical Group have reported seeing a 35% increase over the past 10 months with popular surgery procedures being for men aswell as Breast reduction surgery and Breast enlargement surgery. This is all despite the fact that the credit crisis had recently slumped to a record low.

The demand for Tummy tuck procedures have been seen to increase by 59%, and the cost of this popular procedure is not cheap, with the average surgery costing the patient £5,000. Breast augmentation procedures now cost £6,000 on average, and have seen 40% growth, according to Harley Medical.

The Harley Medical Group have estimated that 690,000 cosmetic surgery procedures will be carried out in Britain this year!

Over the past few years the cosmetic surgery industry has developed a great deal, from becoming a non talked about, frowned upon method of physical change, to being a widely accepted cultural norm and a more desired necessity of our modern "instant" life.

We all seem to want to Transform ourselves past that of just a makeover in Debenhams. This can only be a good thing, as we all get down and depressed about the UK Credit Crunch, we need something to make us look and feel good!



Cosmetic Surgery Care News - 19th June 2008

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