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Macrolane to replace breast implant surgery


A non-surgical breast implant procedure could be available for many women very soon. This new procedure will be available as an alternative to breast implants, it has been claimed.

We met with Dr Nick Milojevic a botox specialist at the Harley Medical Group last week. He was keen to tell us that the Macrolane procedure would soon be available at the majority of The Harley Medical Group's clinics.

In an interview Doctor Nicl Milojevic described Macrolane as an injectable temporary filler that is more the suitable for the purpose of breast enlargement. The Harley Medical Group doctor described Macrolane as "one of the most exciting things to happen in aesthetic medicine in years".

He also went on to say that Macrolane "... is made from hyaluronic acid, which occurs naturally in the skin," the cosmetic surgery expert revealed.

"Japanese surgeons have been using it for years to fill the breasts with great results."

Macrolane has also recently been introduced as a non-surgical breast enlargement technique at cosmetic surgery company SurgiCare.

Cosmetic Surgery Care editor Mark Joseph told that the Macrolane product seems a very effective and safe treatment which costs in the region of £3,00. However a top up is usually required every 12 months.


Cosmetic Surgery Care News - October 2008

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