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Fern Britton's Gastric Band "Fern Factor"


This morning presenter Fern Britton has started her own following, now named "The Fern Factor". David Hewin, is a consultant surgeon at Gloucestershire royal hospital, and claimed the fern factor sparked 20 new calls a day from people eager to have the slimming surgery that is Gastric band, accompanied by an increase in tummy tuck surgery. This increase has lead to an amazing 400% increase in requests for these procedures.

This alarming uplift in surgery is a clear trend as to how obese the UK are as a nation.

The Gastric Band surgery procedure assisted Fern Britton in losing 5 stone post the procedure.

Gastric band surgery is a fairly costly procedure and can cost over seven thousand pounds if operated upon privately. It is also available on the NHS but only for morbidly obese people. This tends to be classified as people with a body mass index of 35 or more.

If you are thinking about embarking on a surgery procedure such as Gastric band, you must also realise the hard work does not stop after the surgery. You will need to keep active and exercise regularly in order to keep the weight off.

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Cosmetic Surgery Care News - 18th June 2008

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