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Directors in the UK embark on cosmetic surgery


The British economy currently looks unstable but the Directors of these top flight companies around the UK and making sure that their looks and physique's are in the best possible condition.

Direct Magazine recently carried out a poll which stated that 40% of Directors in the UK would think about embarking on cosmetic surgery or more likely a non-surgical procedure if it was thought it would assist them in furthering their careers.

Cosmetic dentistry appeared to be the most popular procedure amongst UK directors and other business people. Next in the poll was botox which was deemed to be the second most popular procedure, suiting business people, as they were able to get the procedure complete within their average work lunch break. Hair transplants, eyelid surgery, liposuction and facelifts were all popular procedures for the average successful business man or company director.

The editor of the magazine, Richard Cree said, "Technological advances have made cosmetic surgery procedures such as having liposuction carried out in a lunchtime possible, not to mention more acceptable; and a 'looks-are-everything' celebrity culture has also had large impact on the lives of British population."


Cosmetic Surgery Care News - May 2008

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