Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery for men in the UK is becoming more and more asked about. The number of male patients being treated with plastic surgery is on the increase year on year.

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The cosmetic surgery clinics we review, rate and refer, are clinics that equally understand a mans need for plastic surgery as much as a woman's. During your free consultation you will receive free personalised advice, which will help you understand the whole process and make the right decision.




Cosmetic Surgery For Men

Popular Procedures for men

The most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men, carried out in 2006 in the UK were;
rhinoplasty or Nose Job,
eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty,
ear correction or otoplasty,
face lift surgery
neck lift surgery

The information contained throughout the cosmetic surgery care website, relates to both men and women. Please feel welcome to browse all sections. If there are some details you think may be different, or you think you will want to talk some detail over with a fully qualified, trustworthy and affordable cosmetic surgeon, feel free to request more information, a call back or a no obligation free consultation.

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Popular treatments for men include: Breast Surgery, Weight Loss Surgery, Nose Surgery, Body sculpting for men and facial surgery for men.


Facts about Cosmetic Surgery for men

BAAPS are cosmetic surgeon representatives that stand for a third of all UK cosmetic surgeons. Cosmetic Surgeons of BAAPS have stated that they carried out almost 30,000 cosmetic surgery procedures throughout 2006.This is more then a 30% increase from 2005.

The year 2004 saw almost fifteen hundred men embarking on cosmetic surgery treatment by BAAPS cosmetic surgeons. That number had significantly risen to almost double that figure at two thousand, five hundred procedures in 2006. Surprisingly enough, men are now accounting for 10% of all the cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in the UK.

This trend is even more significant in America. The amount of men requiring cosmetic surgery from the year 2000 to 2005, had increased by more then 40% to just under 1,000,000 male cosmetic surgery patients.
Reference - The American Society of Plastic Surgery.




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Cosmetic Surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery For Men