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The British consider cosmetic surgery more then any other nation


In a recent survery taken by Mintel, they found that 44% of the british population would consider it a viable option to embark upon cosmetic surgery for both health and beauty reasons.

Breast Enlargement surgery, liposuction for fat removal and tummy tuck were reported to be amongst the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures.

40% of people who took the survey said they would think about embarking on having a tummy tuck. The figure then increased to 57% for mothers with young children. This trend would tend to suggest that most of the females in question were unhappy with their post pregnancy fugures and cosmetic surgery procedures such as Tummy Tuck would only help improve this insecurity.

Another finding in the survey was that over 1/3 of people questioned would consider having liposuction. This figure rose to 49% amongst young mothers, whilst 19% would have breast uplift surgery.

Alexandra Richmond, senior consumer analyst at Mintel, commented: "Although not everyone who would consider surgery will actually go through with it, it is still staggering that almost half the nation entertain the idea of going under the knife.

"Clearly today many see surgery as a way of improving their body shape, without the long-term commitment to eating healthily and exercising regularly."

Statistics also show that £148 million was spent on tummy tucks and liposuction in 2007, and demand for the procedures increased by 29 per cent between 2006 and 2007.


Cosmetic Surgery Care News - May 2008

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