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Breast Uplift Surgery (Mastopexy)

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Breast Uplift Surgery otherwise known as Mastopexy involves the removal of excess skin from parts of the breast, to help reshape the breast, give it more lift, cleavage and pert. You may decide to have breast uplift surgery if you have suffered from the unfair forces of gravity, have experienced weight loss, or have breast fed.


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- Is Breast Lift Surgery right for me?
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Breast Uplift Surgery

Breast Uplift Surgery

During the breast uplift surgery procedure, the nipple and areola may require to be realigned to the centre of the breast in order to make it symmetrical. If there is not enough tissue to do this with, a breast enlargement surgery procedure can be carried out alongside the breast uplift procedure, therefore helping improve the complete appearance of the breast.

General Anesthetic will be required when undertaking breast uplift surgery. The operation procedure itself will last approximately two hours to be completed. Once you come around, do not be shocked if you find the surgeon has used drainage tubes. Do not worry as these will be removed before you leave our cosmetic surgery clinic. After leaving the clinic you may be required to come back within the next seven days for your stitches to be removed. This will obviously depend on what stitches were used during your breast uplift procedure.

A routine breast uplift surgery procedure will normally entail you staying in the clinic for one to two nights post surgery. You should think about taking two to three weeks out of work during your recovery period from the breast uplift surgery. An important thing to remember is that you will be required to take a supportive sports bra to the cosmetic surgery clinic.This will need to be worn immediately once the breast uplift surgery procedure has been completed. It is best advised to continue to wear your sports bra for up to two weeks after the breast uplift surgery.

Just after your breast surgery procedure, you will have scarring on the breast. The scars on your breasts will vary in size depending on how much work was required to bring your breasts to a pert. Due to the nature of breast uplift surgery, it is quite the norm to have some scarring around the areola and nipple area. The scars will gradually deteriorate as time goes by and they begin healing. Eventually the scars will result in faint white lines. Your Cosmetic surgery surgeon will discuss all of the risks of breast uplift surgery during your free consultation, and will answer any questions you have regarding the breast uplift surgery procedure. Some risks involved are that you may not be able to breast feed again and some women result in having a less sensitive nipple area.

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Is Breast Uplift Surgery right for me?

Breast uplift surgery can help improve a man or a woman's breast shape, confidence and overall body appearance. You should be having a breast lift because it is something YOU want, and not for anybody else. You will be able to discuss your specific requirements, concerns and needs with your Surgeon during your free cosmetic surgery consultation.

Some of the reasons that women embark on having Breast Uplift Surgery may be;

  • A woman or man's breasts may have got very soft, lost any firmness, and are no longer perky. This can cause embarrassment when wearing certain tops or dresses.

  • Post pregnancy, many women feel that their breasts lose their total shape, become droopy and look flat.

  • Some people lose excessive weight after following a diet, which encourages flatter looking breasts and excess skin.

  • The human skin aging process reduces the elastic quality in the skin, which can also make breasts look less pert, leaving excess skin.

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What happens post Breast Uplift Surgery ?

Although we have outlined some of the information you will need below, regarding the happenings after your breast uplift surgery procedure, you will have the chance to specialise the operation with your cosmetic surgeon during your free consultation. Your cosmetic surgeon will outline the procedure from pre-procedure to post-procedure and what you can expect to experience the whole way through.

To minimise some of the risks involved in breast uplift surgery, you will be required to stop smoking, for a few weeks before your surgery and a few weeks after. The stopping of smoking during post surgery will aid your healing process and make your recovery time that much shorter. Your Cosmetic Surgeon may also advise that you stop taking certain medication including the birth control pill. By following all the instruction advised to you by your cosmetic surgeon, you will reduce some of the risk involved in the procedure.

Immediately post surgery, you will need to start wearing a sports bra with immediate effect. So it is required to take one with you into the clinic on the day of your surgery. Following your surgery procedure the shape, size and overall feel of your breasts will be different, so you will be required to confirm with your cosmetic surgeon during the early stages of consultation. This is so you will know what bra size you will be post surgery and prepare yourself with a selection of bras for once the breast uplift surgery procedure is complete.

What will happen on the day of my breast uplift surgery?

Once you arrive at the cosmetic surgery clinic the Cosmetic Surgeon will come and visit you in your room to help you settle in welcoming you to the surgery. Take this as a vital opportunity to air any concerns or questions you may have regarding the breast uplift surgery process and procedure. You will also be required to provide the cosmetic surgeon with your final consent, allowing for the operation to go ahead. This final consent will just outline that you are completely happy to go ahead with the breast uplift surgery operation, and are aware of the risks involved in breast surgery. The cosmetic surgeon will mark your breasts at this stage so he is able to know how much and from where to remove the excess skin during the actual breast uplift surgery procedure.

You may experience pain and discomfort once the operation has finished, this is entirely normal and you may be required to have pain relief medication as prescribed to you by your cosmetic surgeon once surgery is complete.

On completion of your breast uplift surgery procedure, you will be taken back to your room in the clinic to get some rest and begin your recovery. This is when you will be wearing the new sports bra (in your new breast size)which you brought with you to the clinic. When back in your room, you will notice you will be attached to drainage tubes, these will be situated on your breasts. These drainage tubes will be removed from you one to two days later before you leave the clinic. You will also be covered in dressings around your breasts area.

What happens to me after breast uplift surgery?

Occupation depending, it is best advised to reserve two weeks off from work post breast uplift surgery procedure. You should keep wearing your sports bra for 24 hours a day following your breast surgery, however, your surgeon will best advise you as to the amount of days you will be required to keep wearing it, as everyone's recovery time is different.

A recent patient of breast uplift surgery may find the first few days of post surgery fairly difficult. Most people tend to get extra help from a friend for the first two weeks of their recovery period, helping with the day to day activities such as shopping and errand running. A recent patient of breast uplift surgery may find the following weeks discomforting and boring, it will help to have the company and support of a close, caring friend or relative.

In order to assist the healing process, it is recommendable that you keep the wounds from the breast uplift surgery as dry as possible this will assist your body in healing. Checks back at the cosmetic surgery clinic are normally required seven days post surgery. During this check up, your dressings may be removed, or changed if required and the stitches will be taken out. It is as important to attend your follow up consultation as it is to attend your initial appointment. The check-up will allow the cosmetic surgeon to make sure your recovery is going as planned and healing in the right way. It also provides you with the opportunity to ask any further questions you may have since post surgery. You may be worried about certain pains, inflammations and discomforts. The cosmetic surgeon will be able to offer personalised advice and reassurance if required.

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What are the benefits associated with Breast Uplift Surgery?

Many people have breast uplift surgery for various reasons. Below are a few common reasons why people often opt for breast uplift surgery.

  • Greater self esteem can be achieved through breast uplift surgery

  • The breasts are more firm and pert allowing the individual to wear whatever tops they wish and not being afraid incase of displaying droopy breasts.

  • The individual is able to wear a top without a bra, and feel more confident in whatever he/she wears

  • Breast uplift surgery makes some people feel more attractive, happier and sure of themselves

  • Some people require breast uplift surgery because of pregnancy and breast feeding, weight loss, corrective surgery or even wound repair surgery.

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What are the risks associated with Breast Uplift Surgery?

Nowadays, complications are more and more rare, however risks can occur and you should be able to know what those risks may be. Listed below are some of the most common risks associated with breast uplift surgery;

  • Scars may have a tendency to turn red and stretch, and can remain on the body for a long time.

  • Not often, but it is a possibility that breasts can appear asymmetrical if surgery is not completed properly, that is why you must do all you can to get it right the first time, by contacting us for a free consultation from the countries best cosmetic surgeons.

  • A collection of blood can gather around the area that was operated on. This is known as Haematoma. This is an extremely rare condition.

As with any wound, there is a possibility of getting an infection or suffering from a delay in healing. The best way to aid your healing process is to stop smoking if you do already, nourish your body correctly and get plenty of rest.

  • There is often a risk of being unable to breast feed once you have had breast uplift surgery.

  • Being under a General Anesthetic during your cosmetic surgery operation means you will be susceptible to the risks such as deep veined thrombosis.

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Will my Breast Uplift Surgery last?

This is a question that is most commonly asked about breast uplift surgery, and one where a definitive answer is extremely hard to provide, due to the fact there are a number of factors that can affect the longevity of the breast uplift surgery results.

You can help protect your latest investment by always wearing the right sized, and supportive bra. This will assist you in sustaining the shape and posture of your breasts. A natural droop to your breasts will occur overtime as ageing develops and the skin around the breast becomes more lose.

It is vital to understand and realise that this is a natural effect, and does not have any representation on the work of your cosmetic surgeon.

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