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Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery (or boob reduction surgery) is a suitable procedure for some people with large breasts. Breast reduction is a procedure which involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the breast area. The breast tissue is re-shaped during breast surgery to create a smaller, more firm and pert looking breast. During the final stages of the breast reduction surgery, the areola and nipple will need to be made asymmetrical by moving them into a natural looking position.


- Breast Reduction
- Breast Reduction Surgery
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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction

For some people, having their breasts reduced will result in greater comfort, therefore boosting self esteem. Large breasts can make you resort to wearing large and loose clothing, helping you conceal your body shape. Breast reduction surgery can help increase any lost confidence you have suffered due to large breasts, it can also give you a more proportioned body body structure.

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Scarring will be visible after breast reduction surgery, although these scars with fade slightly following the months after your breast surgery. Initially the scarring will occur to look large and a little pink. These will eventually blend better into your complexion, but may eventually leave behind thin white lines of scar tissue. Such small amounts of scarring is not significant for most breast reduction patients, as the success, confidence and more comfortable feel achieved from the success of the breast reduction surgery.

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Breast Reduction Procedure

A breast reduction surgery operation will on average take three hours to complete. There are many different factors that can make the process longer, such as larger breasts will take more time to reduce, there is also the possibility of there being complications during the procedure and the operation will therefore go on until this has been corrected. Breast reduction complications are becoming more and more less evident as this procedure becomes more and more popular.

The fact the breast surgery results in the areola and nipple being separated from the tissue and ducts beneath and re-aligned higher up on the breast once it has been reduced and lifted, means that there is a large possibility that the patient will not be able to breast feed thereafter. There may also be a loss of sensitivity to the nipple area once breast reduction surgery has been carried out.

To get the best results possible - it will be recommended that you wear a new sports bra for up to three months. This ensures that the shape stays as firm as possible, and that the healing takes place as fast as possible.

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Breast Reduction Recovery and aftercare

On average you will be required to stay in the cosmetic surgery hospital for one to two nights. It is also advisable that you take at least two weeks out of work to help aid your recovery process. Avoiding smoking, heavy exercise and any most household activities is a must in order help your recovery period from breast reduction surgery. It is most advisable that you get someone close to help you for the two weeks post surgery. Following breast reduction surgery, it is advisable that you wear a supportive bra and refrain from heavy exercise or activity. Post breast reduction surgery, you will be required to re-attend the cosmetic surgery clinic for another check-up and may also be required to have your stitches removed. For a free no obligation consultation with your local and trusted cosmetic surgeon, please click here to arrange.

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Is Boob reduction surgery a permanent lasting procedure?

A breast reduction operation on average is a permanent lasting procedure. The only thing that is able to make a woman's boobs grow to become large again, would be the putting on of weight. Once you have recovered from your breast reduction surgery, it is recommended to revisit your doctor for a check up. Once you have been given the all clear, attending the gym regularly and a continued balanced diet will help result in the lasting affects of your breasts being reduced and will also give you an all round healthier you to suit your new found confident body.

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